VASSISTA is ready to assist:


  • typical official cases (supplementing official forms for tax offices / social security insurance / bank etc.)
  • informing about Polish regulations (principles of running a company in Poland, labour / tax / social security rules)
  • completing documents necessary to start a business
  • consultancy (employer and employee matters; recruitment support; labour law rules)
  • business meetings arrangement (booking conference rooms / catering / service)
  • translating documents
  • making reservations (cars / hotels/ flights / conference rooms etc.)
  • assisting in organizing life in Poland (renting a car / flat, Polish phone number)
  • organizing free time (entertainment , city tour )


  • calendar management (entering meetings, appointments, reminding about important meetings / dates / anniversaries)
  • inbox management and inbound queries
  • preparing reports / letters (creating templates of documents / offers, preparing answers to clients queries)
  • research (any information you need)
  • creating database (list of clients / contractors / competitors and regular update)
  • lead generation (finding the most suitable business opportunities, comparing offers, analyzing competition)
  • expense tracking
  • logistics handlings (arranging transport of documents and people)
  • ongoing order of items to the office (office / marketing / food items)


  • HR & Payroll consultancy (explaining the Polish labour law and rules of employing )
  • comprehensive HR & Payroll services (calculation of salaries, preparing monthly and annual tax and social security statements)
  • preparation of contracts / regulations (standard documents related to hiring employees, preparing internal instructions / procedures / templates of documents)
  • contact with official offices
  • recruitment support (editing job descriptions and publishing job offers, selecting CV’s, arranging recruitment interviews, verifying candidates references)


  • translations (Polish – English, English – Polish)
  • creating bilingual documents (contracts, proxies, regulations)
  • copywriting (writing articles / blog content, creating product description)
  • transcripts (of interview / podcasts / webinars)
  • content editing / proofreading
  • tutoring (conversations in Polish in order to communicate easily)


  • preparing posts (Facebook / Instagram)
  • photo search
  • creating simple graphics (Canva)
  • editing content on websites (in terms of SEO and positioning keywords)
  • moderating (responding to comments and engaging in discussions under posts)


  • organizing everyday matters and responsibilities (help with renting a car / flat, Polish driving license, contacting schools for children, searching housekeeping offers)
  • personalized services (reminding you of important dates, ordering flowers / gifts, preparing birthdays parties etc.)
  • organizing free time / entertainment / travel (booking tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc.)


  • any other tasks you need to delegate (we will help in person or find a contractor)